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Orchestrate 2023 London: GE Digital Grid Software Conference

May 09, 2023 - May 11, 2023
London , United Kingdom

Orchestrate 2023 London: GE Digital Grid Software Conference


To accelerate the delivery of the clean energy grid, we are transforming how we work. The new GE partner ecosystem is bringing together a partner ecosystem of leaders in cloud computing and systems integration to focus on grid orchestration. This ecosystem seamlessly aligns Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) within utilities so grid operators can quickly connect the dots end-to-end to solve for grid complexity. The partner ecosystem will accelerate future development of new applications for GridOS, solving mission-critical use cases for utilities at the speed needed to enable the future clean energy grid.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about our latest software innovation and partner ecosystem directly from your peers and industry leaders:


  • Dynamic keynotes from industry experts leading innovation, including award-winning projects that advance a smooth and robust energy transition.
  • Grid innovation success stories  from utilities that are tackling the toughest challenges.
  • Insights and roadmaps for the latest software solutions designed to make and keep the grid reliable, resilient, and sustainable.


We hope you’ll join us!

Event Details

DATE AND TIME May 09, 2023 - May 11, 2023
LOCATION Novotel London West, 1 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London,