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iFIX 2023: New generation with HTML5 & MQTT

iFIX 2023: New generation with HTML5 & MQTT


Explore our new generation iFIX featuring centralized project deployment, enhanced failover, MQTT, and native HTML5 with Proficy Operations Hub. 


More than your traditional HMI, native HTML5 means less installation and maintenance effort, easier mobility, responsive design, added value with modern web functionality, secure by design, and rich information where and when you need it - on the device of your choice.


  • Native HTML5 Graphics Designer and lightweight scalable Runtime - for a better, faster way to develop your HMI
  • Easily combine iFIX, other OT systems plus IT systems with Proficy Operations Hub, adding information such as PDFs, videos, SQL tables, work orders, etc. for a richer operator experience
  • Centralized project deployment
  • Common model across Proficy software to reduce configuration
  • Screen-building accelerators including auto-binding data
  • TCP/IP-enabled Failover enables failover across networks/sites, supports architectural flexibility, and eases disaster recovery
  • MQTT5 client brings data from smart IoT sensors/devices into SCADA and subscribes to MQTT message bus data

Event Details

DATE AND TIME Oct 26, 2022 Starts at 11:00 AM - Ends at 12:00 PM Time is Eastern US