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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

TASNEE Uses Asset Performance Management to Plan Asset Integrity Roadmap and Drive Best-in-Class Performance


Company assets

85 percent

Assets that are business-risk driven

26 percent

Assets represented nearly 72% of operating risk





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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software


This company is using Digital Twin technology to achieve business results. A Digital Twin is a software representation of a physical thing, system or process designed to detect, prevent, and optimize.  Digital Twins allow us to predict, prevent and optimize activities by applying software to the challenges of the physical world. Learn more about GE Digital's Digital Twin.



TASNEE, established in 1985 as Saudi Arabia’s first industrial joint-stock company owned by the private sector, is one of the world’s largest producers of titanium dioxide.


In 2007, the concept of asset performance management (APM) was introduced to TASNEE after a Solution Design study (now known as a Digital Transformation Blueprint) to benchmark its APM initiative and identify areas for improvement. TASNEE discovered that it had no inspection plans in its SAP system, was not tracking recommendations, and had a lack of reliability expertise on staff, as well as a number of open positions to fill. Also, TASNEE had a number of disparate data sources and systems it wanted to integrate.


TASNEE recognized that APM should be applied across an asset’s entire lifecycle—from design, through operation and maintenance, and finally decommissioning. TASNEE’s APM initiative encompassed reliability engineering, inspection and condition monitoring, support engineering, operations, maintenance and planning, and spare parts management.

The objectives of the APM initiative included:


  • Eliminating bad actors
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving asset integrity
  • Complying with legislation and regulations
  • System continuity and sustainability


To reach the asset integrity level desired, TASNEE knew it needed to establish best-in-class maintenance and reliability procedures and practices. The company also needed to cleanse the data in its SAP system and reinforce its existing APM strategy by optimizing use of both SAP and APM platforms.


In 2014, TASNEE implemented GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (formerly Meridium Enterprise APM) by:


  • Realigning priorities and objectives
  • Conducting asset criticality assessments
  • Reinforcing use of knowledge gained during implementation
  • Assembling dedicated teams, prior to implementation
  • Developing maintenance strategies
  • Rolling out developed maintenance tasks in SAP
  • Training employees on the APM software



TASNEE has completed nearly 73% of the planned asset criticality analysis on its more than 42,000 assets. In this process, the company has learned that more than 85% of its assets were business-risk driven and that 26% of its assets represented nearly 72% of its operating risk.


In addition, a corporate reliability manual was developed to better define previously overlapping roles and responsibilities. As a result, TASNEE employees now have a clear understanding of who to call first when an asset fails, and that individual has a clear understanding of actions that need to be performed. 

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