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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

SOCAR - Unlocking Value at Scale: Expansion of Asset Performance Management (APM)


This presentation details the digital transformation and strategic asset management initiatives undertaken by SOCAR Türkiye. SOCAR Türkiyehas made significant investments in various sectors, including refinery and petrochemical sites, pipeline and gas distribution, and energy zones, with notable projects in the region.


The company has integrated digital technologies to enhance maintenance, operational efficiency, and risk management through their use of GE Vernova’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software suite, collaborating with GE Vernova and implementing SmartSignal and digital twins for predictive analysis. SOCAR Türkiye has achieved ISO certification and emphasizes continuous improvement in maintenance strategies, incorporating digital tools for root cause analysis, inspection management, and condition monitoring.


The presentation also highlights the role of advanced technologies such as industrial robotics, drones, image processing, and VR training in enhancing operational safety and efficiency. These efforts have led to significant cost savings, improved asset lifecycle management, and increased operational reliability and safety.