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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Unleashing APM Potential: Enhancing Outcomes in the Cloud Environment


This presentation is about the Asset Performance Management (APM) harmonization and unification initiative at PETRONAS, a global energy group active in over 100 countries. The aim is to standardize and improve the APM systems across Petronas' diverse business units. Petronas currently faces challenges due to different versions and platforms of APM used across its units, leading to increased total cost of ownership (TCO), decentralized system architecture, and inconsistent vendor deployment strategies. The key drivers for this initiative include the need for ERP modernization, compliance with cybersecurity requirements, and addressing system performance issues. Petronas plans to migrate from SAP IC 6 to SAP S/4HANA, with the APM harmonization preceding this migration to avoid potential disruptions.


An assessment compared different APM versions and hosting options, favoring GE Vernova’s cloud deployment for its compatibility with S/4HANA, improved system performance, and better support features. The initiative promises a 30% cost saving through contract negotiations and a centralized management approach.


The expected outcomes include seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA, enhanced system performance, and standardized architecture, leading to better operational efficiency and reduced TCO. The project is aimed at ensuring technical compliance, improved user satisfaction, and robust cybersecurity, ultimately supporting Petronas' digital transformation strategy.