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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Nova Scotia Power - Empowering Asset Strategies: Digitizing Generation and T&D Assets to Enhance Condition-Based Programs


Patrick McBride from Nova Scotia Power (NSP) presents an overview of NSP's comprehensive asset management strategy, based upon GE Vernova's Asset Performance Management (APM) software. NSP, a vertically integrated utility on Canada's east coast, manages power generation, transmission, and distribution. McBride detailed NSP's extensive infrastructure, including traditional steam units, simple cycle plants, hydroelectric facilities, and wind power. The company operates approximately 5,400 km of transmission lines and 27,000 km of distribution lines, supported by numerous substations and emerging battery storage projects.


NSP's journey in asset management began around 2008, influenced by PAS 55 and ISO 55000 standards. The company faced challenges such as changing fleet utilization, retiring experienced staff, and increasing scrutiny on decision-making. To address these, NSP designed a holistic asset management scope, focusing on process redesign, reliability programs, and risk-based profiles.


The Asset Management Pyramid, established in 2009, encapsulates NSP's business transformation philosophy. It includes standardizing equipment databases, transitioning to electronic logbooks, and implementing advanced maintenance strategies. GE Vernova's Asset Performance Management (APM) system plays a crucial role, enhancing data transformation, reliability, and performance.


NSP uses APM for monitoring various programs, including rounds compliance, environmental impacts, NERC compliance, and root cause failure analysis. The policy manager integrates data from inspections and tests to assess transformer health, aiding strategic planning.


Operational and engineered risks are evaluated through PDM results, work order history, and input from reliability teams. Dashboards highlight top risks, aiding weekly planning and capital investment decisions. This structured approach ensures NSP sustains asset management processes and enhances reliability across its operations.