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Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

NBI to Roll Out High-Speed Broadband Across Rural Ireland

1.1 Million

Deliver high-speed broadband to 1.1 million+ people, 554,000 homes

146,000 km

Fiber supporting 23% of the population, 96% of the country’s land mass



National Broadband Ireland




Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators

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Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

As part of the largest telecommunications project undertaken by the Irish state, National Broadband Ireland (NBI) is bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas throughout Ireland. Using GE Digital’s GIS-based solution Smallworld Physical Network Inventory (PNI), NBI will deliver high-speed broadband to more than 1.1 million people across approximately 554,000 homes in rural Ireland, an increase from the initial project scope of 544,000 homes.


“National Broadband Ireland is leading the way in designing, building, and operating Ireland’s new broadband network on behalf of the Irish Government and GE Digital’s Smallworld solutions have always been a key element of our program. Our reliance on quality inventory data is fundamental to the success of the broadband service roll out,” said Peter Hendrick, Chief Executive Officer for National Broadband Ireland. 


With Smallworld PNI in place, we are able to have a single consolidated view of the network, supporting the entire plan, design, and build processes and ultimately the success of the entire venture through bridging the digital divide.

Peter Hendrick - Chief Executive Officer, National Broadband Ireland

GIS-based solution streamlines network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of the entire network


Part of GE Digital’s Smallworld Geospatial Asset Management suite, the Smallworld Physical Network Inventory will help National Broadband Ireland to be more aware of drop locations and accurately map out implementation.


The Smallworld solution was chosen to not only maximize the efficiency of the network plan, design, and build phase of the project, but also the operation of this fiber network infrastructure for many years to come. The solution underpins the fully integrated ordering, connection management, installation and activation, and assurance processes.


“GE Digital is proud to be part of this transformational project, providing critical infrastructure and high-speed Internet to rural communities in Ireland,” said Jim Walsh, General Manager of GE Digital’s Grid Software business.


Our solutions offer telecommunications companies with software to support such large fiber roll outs. In these unprecedented times, high-speed Internet access is critical to allow everyone to carry on remote working and learning.

Jim Walsh - General Manager, GE Digital’s Grid Software business

Geospatial Network Inventory Solutions for Telecoms Operators

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Accelerate your network operations with a comprehensive and integrated view of your entire network.


Smallworld Network Inventory is a single, integrated, physical network inventory reflecting the real state of your network acts as bedrock enabling you to streamline business processes. Without this foundation, far too much effort goes into manual processes and playing catch-up often resulting in costly mistakes.


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