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MTU Maintenance applies GE’s blockchain to release unsettled cash

$ 10 MM

Released unsettled cash



MTU Maintenance



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MTU Maintenance is an established global player in the MRO industry. We worked with a division of $4.6 B leading engine manufacturer MTU Aero Engines. GE Aviation and MTU Aero Engines have a revenue-share partnership on CF6 and GE90 engines.


  • Blockchain workflow to create visibility and accountability over each reconciliation step


  • Consistent, parallel workflows at GE and MTU with complete visibility and single source of truth at each step


  • Solution to retain payment history and settle volume rebate discrepancies in real-time



Our blockchain collaboration with GE helped us release more than $10 MM in unsettled cash in revenue sharing reconciliation. We benefitted significantly from GE’s expertise in this area and look forward to seeing what happens next.

Kornelia Kremer - Procurement Manager MRO, MTU Maintenance

  • Avoided months of volume rebate reconciliation and improved team productivity


  • Released significant unsettled cash to the tune of $10 MM


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Putting Aviation Data to Work
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