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MPGK Krosno Improves Reliability with SCADA and Historian Intelligent City Solution

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MPGK Krosno



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Proficy Historian, Proficy HMI / SCADA

Janusz Fic, Prezes Zarządu (Chairman of the Board), MPGK Krosno:


MPGK Krosno conducts business activity in the field of municipal and urban engineering in the area of Krosno city and its neighborhood. The employment in the company is above 300 people. Our mission is to work for the local people and environment. Therefore, the high standard of our services is of great importance to us. Over the last years, we have managed to improve ourselves, mainly thanks to cooperation with VIX Automation Company and our collaborative work on the implementation of control and process programming area. Optimization of technological processes had a big impact on security improvements and enhanced reliability of provided services. Economical effectiveness of those processes has also been improved.


Automation for Distributed Assets

Władysław Sokołowski. Główny specjalista ds. IT (Chief IT Specialist), MPGK Krosno:


Our business has multi-branch distributed structure which consists of 7 main objects and 300 smaller objects spread out on a mountainous area. Immediate access to data, integrity of data, and uniform reporting method are crucial to us. Thanks to Proficy software (iFIX and Historian), we are able to analyze data from all objects up to date and predict a possibility of danger. Thanks to the software provided by VIX Automation, we have managed to build a consistent information management system, report on renovation parameters of the objects and enhance their reliability. We have created a team of SCADA experts who work together to create the system that improves the quality of municipal services we provide.


Automation Improves Business Performance

Janusz Fic, Prezes Zarządu (Chairman of the Board), MPGK Krosno:


If we want to manage our company in a responsible way and to be socially useful, it is necessary to meet the expectations and take the challenge. The solution is to implement intelligent business, which makes decisions based on reliable data, reduces loss, predicts future needs of the clients, increases security, and reliability of services. MPGK Krosno took such steps together with VIX Automation company. In the last few years, it implemented technologies created by the leading global brand, GE. Thanks to this, in a significant way, we have improved effectiveness of different processes, and what is more, we have become one of the best municipal and urban engineering companies, which is proved by many awards. I recommend VIX Automation company as a reliable and credible partner.


About VIX Automation

VIX Automation is an Authorized Distributor of GE Digital in Poland.


They are one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive IT solutions for production on the Polish market. 15 years of experience, qualified engineers and knowledge of the specificity of the Polish industry allows them to provide their clients the highest quality services.


The VIX Automation offer includes: SCADA and MES systems, production archiving and reporting systems, production scheduling, production efficiency analysis (OEE), software consultations and audits, implementation services, optimization and updating of existing systems.


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