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More Fuel Savings Mean More Destinations for AirAsia

750 kg

Carbon emission savings

1 %

Fuel savings







Aircraft Fuel Efficiency

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AirAsia is the largest, low-cost carrier in Malaysia. They focus on safety, quality and providing first-class training to their employees and pilots. Carrying over 44 million passengers per year, AirAsia’s mission is to cost-effectively and ethically serve over 3 billion people with poor connectivity and limited access to air travel.




AirAsia was looking for ways to address better visibility into their flight operations related to fuel burn in order to find opportunities to reduce operational costs and they wanted to innovate to improve pilot training, in-flight decision making and positively influence pilot behavior.


By achieving significant savings, we are able to save on fuel costs and this could be translated to lower fares for our guests, keeping true to our commitment that Now Everyone Can Fly.

Capt. Rajesh Gill - Head of Global Dev. & Efficiency, AirAsia

The GE Solution

GE identified statistical fuel usage, provided dashboard analytics to monitor behaviors and provided a reference point of comparison

GE built multiple procedures needed for precision guided approach improvements necessary for Required Navigation Performance.



  • On 1.4 B kgs of fuel used annually, GE enabled 1% fuel savings based on operational improvements by pilots


  • 250 kg of fuel and 750 kg of carbon emissions were saved per hour-long flight by modifying taxi-in and taxi-out procedures, idle reverse thrust and climb profile optimization and shortened ground track distance of flights


Putting Aviation data to work

Aviation Software from GE Digital
Aviation Software from GE Digital
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Unlocking value through digital solutions

GE Digital puts aviation data to work to produce insights that enable customers to enhance operator safety and efficiency, reduce operational disruptions, improve passenger experience, and make better decisions regarding real-time fleet health. 


Airlines use Fuel Insight to help reduce costs and emissions | GE Digital

Help increase fuel efficiency, lower costs, and reduce carbon emissions

Fuel Insight is a cost and emissions reduction solution that works by understanding real data from your aircraft and airline. It utilizes our powerful aviation data and analytics platform to merge flight data with flight plans and uncover valuable insight to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce waste.


Fuel Insight gives operators actionable intelligence at multiple levels allowing analysts to drill down from macro trends to understand issues on a per-flight level.

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