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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

How a major European utility transitioned to smarter and lower-cost asset inspections


A major European utility was facing challenges in inspecting/monitoring its critical electrical equipment, ensuring its employees’ safety during hazardous inspections, and keeping O&M costs low. Read below how they transitioned to lower cost, safer, and more efficient inspections using GE Vernova’s Autonomous Inspection.


  • A vertically integrated major European utility with a presence in conventional as well as renewables markets.




  • Monitoring critical electrical equipment while keeping costs low.
  • Enabling remote asset inspections/monitoring by minimizing or eliminating the need to travel to the site for inspections.
  • Ensuring employee safety during hazardous inspections.



  • Autonomous Inspection, along with fixed thermal cameras, was implemented at the customer site for automated and remote monitoring of electrical equipment. This involved Generator step-up transformers (GSUT) and Gas insulated switchyard inlets.


Autonomous Inspection enabled the customer to:

  • Save on asset inspection costs and resources through remote monitoring of equipment.
    • Witness cost savings and productivity gains vs. available alternatives as sensors and instrumentation options were relatively expensive and disruptive
  • Achieve faster abnormality detection and response (vs. manual inspections) to prevent equipment downtimes.
  • Monitor equipment surface temperature profile, receive alerts, and transfer temperature data to APM for advanced analysis.
  • Maximize workers’ safety by eliminating need for them to be around equipment.