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Fibo Gains Insight to Improve Quality in Just Hours through Analytics



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Fibo is a leading supplier of high-quality 100% waterproof Wall Systems. The company was looking to apply analytics to Proficy's MES data to optimize process OEE performance, throughput and product quality.

Using Proven Analytics with MES and Historian Data

Working with GE Digital partner Novotek, the team used Proficy CSense to analyze combined Proficy Plant Applications MES and Proficy Historian data. In just hours, they identified and confirmed critical process variables and thresholds, and raw material properties - highlighting or confirming multiple potential improvement insights.


These insights included:

  • Which combinations of raw material vendors works best for them
  • What are the optimal raw material quality thresholds, beyond which their risk of defects increase significantly
  • What are the critical process variables and their thresholds to produce best final product quality


Improvement insights in hours by combining proven analytics and MES software

About Novotek

Novotek is the leading creator of innovative solutions for Automation and Industrial IT in the Nordic countries, Benelux, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ireland. The foundation is a portfolio of great products from among others GE Digital. With a team of highly dedicated solution architects, we are able to deliver solutions that makes it possible for our customers to stay ahead with competition.

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