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DuPont chooses GE’s Proficy Production MES for complex, discrete manufacturing processes


Globally strengthened manufacturing


Increased operations competitiveness


Plant-wide reporting





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DuPont, a global leader in creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere, named GE’s Proficy Plant Applications suite of Production Management products a solution-of-choice for complex manufacturing systems.


Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for industries including agriculture and food, building and construction, communications, and transportation.


Global applications

Released for use by DuPont businesses worldwide


GE’s Proficy Plant Applications Production Management solution and its Proficy dashboard/portal software were evaluated by the Process Information Management (PIM) team within the DuPont Engineering and IT organizations, as well as by project teams from the company Safety and Protection business platform.


These products have been released for use by DuPont businesses worldwide.

DuPont evaluated products that would enable us to globally strengthen our manufacturing and operations competitiveness. We selected the GE Proficy application suite as the preferred Manufacturing Execution System solution for complex, discrete manufacturing processes.

Salvatore Grasso - Corporate Process Owner, Manufacturing for DuPont Information Technology & Services

Scalable, configurable MES solution


The Proficy Plant Applications software suite is made up of scalable, configurable modules to help companies effectively manage their plant operations and deliver results.


  • Efficiency Management: provides a comprehensive view of equipment uptime, downtime and waste, including, but not limited to, insight into overall equipment effectiveness. This module improves the throughput of a plant without additional equipment expenditures and provides the performance management tools to drive plant efficiency.


  • Quality Management: offers insight into how products are actually produced against their specifications. This module improves the quality of products while reducing waste.


  • Production Management: improves and controls how products actually flow through the plant by tracking production against specifications and schedules. This module provides product genealogy reporting and makes scheduling changes to reduce work in progress (WIP) and overall inventory.


  • Plant-Wide Reporting: providing a series of standard web-based reports and dashboards for monitoring operations. Its interactive drill-down capabilities help users identify “root cause” problems and take corrective actions.



Proficy Plant Applications allows DuPont to efficiently manage its plant processes in a unified, easy-to-configure “plant model” that gives the company clear insight into their operations.


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