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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Elevating Operations: Implementation and Promotion of Asset Performance Management (APM)



Cosmo Oil outlines their strategic approach to leveraging GE Vernova’s Asset Performance Management (APM) and Digital Twin technology for transformative outcomes in asset management and operational excellence. The presentation focuses on Cosmo's transformation roadmap, highlighting a progression towards a highly intelligent digital twin, comprising physical, process, and maintenance twins, aimed at optimizing design, operational efficiency, and maintenance strategies.


The implementation of APM is featured as a pivotal step towards realizing this vision. Through integrating APM with existing systems like SAP and establishing APM as a part of their engineering practices, Cosmo aims to democratize data and enhance cross-organizational utilization for improved decision-making.


The presentation further discusses the feasibility study and implementation of APM, showcasing its integration with existing maintenance processes and systems. Use cases demonstrate the impact of APM on mitigating equipment failures, optimizing maintenance strategies, and improving asset reliability. By providing real-time insights and automating decision-making processes, APM facilitates proactive risk management and drives operational efficiency.

  • Kiyohide Yoshii – Maintenance Strategy and APM Manager – Cosmo Oil
  • Tomoki Hayashi – Routine Maintenance Manager – Cosmo Oil
  • Kazutoshi Inagaki – Inspection Group Eader – Cosmo Oil