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City of Akron Water Supply Bureau Uses iFIX to Create a Lab Info Management System






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Key Takeaways and Results

  • Leveraging GE Digital’s iFIX in a water/wastewater facility to create a Lab Info Management System (LIMS)
  • Powerful visualizations and metrics
  • Monitoring and control of their critical assets
  • Increased efficiency

Innovation with HMI/SCADA

The City of Akron Water Supply Bureau in Ohio is proud of how its drinking water quality technicians have used GE Digital’s iFIX HMI/SCADA to establish and operate a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The system is more efficient and has allowed Akron, a customer of GE Digital’s partner GrayMatter, to create powerful visualizations and metrics.


Jeff VanNatten from the City of Akron Water Supply Bureau spoke about this unique opportunity. They leverage GE Digital’s iFIX in their water/wastewater facility for HMI/SCADA and used the software to create a LIM system. The iFIX LIM system sends information into Historian.  The City of Akron Water Supply can trend information, trend a bench test with an online analyzer or with operational data. 

It’s something we love promoting. It’s been very beneficial, and it’s pretty revolutionary that it saves us from having a separate LIM system that’s in the cloud and pulling it back and forth. We are proud of it.

Jeff VanNatten - City of Akron Water Supply Bureau

The City of Akron Water Supply monitors the current status at their reservoir locations, along with demand. The team can monitor their reservoirs based off hydraulics, elevations, demand, and more. 


Jeff VanNatten explained how GE Digital’s iFIX has been a great tool. 


Any time they perform maintenance or monitor how much they have in their reserve, GE Digital’s iFIX has been a great “go-to” for the City of Akron Water Supply.

It’s a great go-to to give us an indication as to how long we have to react and where we need to get the plant back up and running.

Jeff VanNatten - City of Akron Water Supply Bureau

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