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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Transitioning from On-Premises to Cloud-Based APM Predictive Analytics


A2A, a major Italian utility formed in 2009 through the merger of several public companies, has been focusing on sustainability since 2021. The company operates in various sectors, including thermal power generation, hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy, as well as waste management, natural gas, electricity distribution, and public services.


This presentation detailed the establishment and evolution of an in-house monitoring center for thermal power plants, specifically combined cycles, using Asset Performance Management (APM) and SmartSignal reliability tools. This center monitors six sites with 9-10 gas turbines from various manufacturers, developing customized models despite diverse equipment. The journey began over 15 years ago with initial implementations and significant advancements made since 2016 through partnerships and technological upgrades.


Key challenges included initial skepticism, incomplete historical data, and model maintenance. Significant achievements were highlighted, such as the early detection and resolution of equipment issues, including valve anomalies, condensate pump vibrations, and transformer overheating, which prevented major disruptions and extended equipment life.


Future directions involve integrating new data analytics into APM, creating a global health overview dashboard, and refining a cost-benefit analysis workflow to validate economic benefits. Emphasis was placed on the importance of continuous model updates and understanding alerts to achieve reliable monitoring outcomes, contributing to operational efficiency and cost savings.