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How Digital Transformation is Bringing Order to the Chemicals Industry

Shift Toward Real-Time Reliability with APM

Webinar | May 8 | 11:00 am ET

Software for the Chemical Industry | GE Digital

How chemical companies are developing dynamic asset strategies to drive more predictable operations

Like most process manufacturers, chemical companies are challenged with managing a multitude of expensive equipment. Equipment failure or unplanned downtime at any point can lead to diminished production, which results in expensive emergency repairs and in many cases, late or missed orders. This not only creates unrest amongst your customers, but potentially unsafe conditions. 

So, how can you bring predictability to the manufacturing process? 

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Vale Fertilizantes customer story
Predix Asset Performance Management

Vale Fertilizantes Saves $1.4M in Production Losses with Predix Asset Performance Management

Learn how GE Digital's APM software helped Vale Fertilizantes, one of the leading fertilizer manufacturers in Brazil, save $1.4 million.

Predix Asset Performance Management

SABIC Adopts APM Culture on the Path to Manufacturing Excellence

Learn how SABIC, the second largest globally diversified chemical company, improved mean time between failures (MBTF) for pipes from 172 days to more than 2…

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Optimizing Asset Performance in the Chemical Industry

Learn how Predix Asset Performance Management can help chemical companies optimize their manufacturing performance.