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Digital evolution is a team effort for F&B and CPG manufacturers

Achieve operational agility with a modern, digital plant

GE Digital MES software assists major food and beverage manufacturers

Manufacturing & Digital Plant

Today’s digital plant and its mobile, connected workforce accelerate and sustain continuous improvement to drive greater productivity and efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and increase profitability.


Our mission-critical software accelerates digitization by supporting:


  • Digital worker – a critical part of your infrastructure modernization
  • Enterprise visibility and scalability
  • Continuous improvement programs such as Lean
Create your digital plant | MES Webinar | GE Digital

Create your digital plant

How do you start the digital transformation process?


This is particularly difficult for industrial organizations due to legacy automation devices, disparate software applications, and the constant need to keep up with ever changing customer demands. Fortunately, proven solutions and processes provide the foundation for creating digital, optimized plants.


Learn the first steps toward digital transformation and how software solutions can help optimize performance. Download the white paper.

Explore GE Digital's software for manufacturers

GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operationsGE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
Industrial Software

Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

Industrial Apps

Proficy Plant Applications

Improve efficiency, production management and quality with a proven, modular MES for process, discrete and mixed manufacturing data.

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Industrial Software

Proficy CSense

Industrial analytics software that optimizes asset and process performance.

Let GE Digital help you improve your manufacturing performance