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Picture of Thorsten Heller

Thorsten Heller

Chief Innovation Officer GridOS, GE Vernova CEO & Co-founder, Greenbird Integration Technology

Driven by his intellectual curiosity and vision that data integration holds the key to the future, German CEO Thorsten Heller co-founded Greenbird, challenging the traditional way utilities approach the smart energy revolution since 2010.

Greenbird (now GE Vernova) developed integration technology to help energy companies manage the information flow for smart metering and smart city applications. While at Greenbird, Thorsten launched Utilihive, a powerful software platform for smart meter management ready to scale and handle big data. It enables customers to be future-ready up to 80% faster than traditional system integration models.

As Chief Innovation Officer for GridOS at GE Vernova, Thorsten brings his considerable experience in enterprise integration, big data, machine learning, AI and real-time analytics to the grid orchestration category. Thorsten lives by the motto “If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough” and he is passionate about making data fly.

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