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Picture of Luke Smaul

Luke Smaul

Account Manager, GE Digital

Luke Smaul is an experienced technology and business leader in the IT and manufacturing world. He brings over 15 years of experience to the table when working with customers on their digital transformation initiatives. His passion for finding digital solutions, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, lends to his hands-on approach in understanding, and most importantly, delivering on the promise of technology adoption in the industrial space.

At GE, he has worked cross functionally in a range of business roles, from product engineering to operations and finance, to marketing and sales. Prior to leading strategic account direction with OEMs in the Semiconductor vertical, Luke ran services sales for North America, commercial operations, and was engineering leader for the European consultancy group. He has successfully built strong teams and working closely across all levels of stakeholders, whether on the shop floor or in the C-suite; he is able to drive transformative conversations, turning them into tangible, end-to-end solutions.