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Picture of Ethan Boardman

Ethan Boardman

Senior Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) Consultant, GE Digital

Ethan Boardman is a Senior Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) Consultant with GE Digital, Grid Software, along with being the leader of GE Digital’s Distribution Operations Training Simulator (DOTS) Special Interest Group. Since 1997 he has worked on the development of the ADMS product line for support of Distribution Operations with an emphasis on a single modular system providing SCADA, DMS, and OMS functionality.

Ethan served for 10 years as ADMS Marketing Product Manager and Business Development Director. His focus is now on technical business development and consulting around ADMS encompassing distributed energy resources (DER). Ethan joined GE, then ESCA Corporation, in 1982 as a network analysis applications engineer and developer. He has worked in the areas of both EMS and DMS product development, project implementation, and business development. Ethan Boardman earned his BSEE and MSEE from the University of Washington.

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