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Travel is back. Is your operation prepared?

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Return to flight with GE Digital Aviation software for Airlines preparedness

Travel is taking off again

Commercial aviation is on the verge of experiencing the largest swing in travel demand in the history of the industry. GE Digital is here to help you prepare for it. With best in class aviation software solutions, we're helping our partners gain insight to scale their operation back up as travel demand increases. Our Maintenance Insight, Asset Records, and FlightPulse® solutions help equip your teams with the tools they need to easily and confidently return aircraft and pilots to flight.

Scale your operation back up as travel demand increases

Return aircraft to flight

Maintenance Insight helps you understand the maintenance condition of your aircraft to maintain compliance as you return to flight

Return aircraft to operation

Asset Records helps you manage asset documentation to prove readiness and compliance as you right-size your fleet

Return pilots to flight

FlightPulse® helps empower pilots with data to understand how they can operate more efficiently as they return to flight

Software solutions to help you scale efficiently

Maintenance Insight software from GE Digital helps aviation reduce operational disruptions

Maintenance Insight

GE Digital helps you understand the maintenance condition of your aircraft and maintain compliance as you return to flight.


Maintenance Insight provides airlines with analytics to gain increased visibility into the state of aircraft. Help monitor component health, optimize performance, and decrease inefficiencies that lead to excess fuel burn and carbon emissions. Operators can reduce maintenance disruptions to keep their existing fleet running efficiently and decrease their carbon footprint.


  • Get better prediction times and inform corrective action by classifying signatures, identifying root cause issues and providing timely, accurate reports on fleet health, atypical tails, and condition indicators
  • Tackle your most pressing maintenance issues, faster
  • Make better decisions to avoid fuel waste and excess carbon emissions by staying up-to-date and informed
  • Help increase fleet reliability to keep your operation running at its best and most sustainable
  • Help avoid irregular subsystem performance
  • Help decrease system/parts failures
Asset Transfer Software | GE Digital | Aviation software |

Asset Records

GE Digital helps you manage asset documentation to prove readiness and compliance as you bring aircraft back into your fleet.


Asset Records helps streamline and simplify asset documentation between airlines, lessors, and MROs to drive efficiency throughout aircraft transitions and maintain compliance.


  • With the Asset Transfer System (ATS), operators can maintain compliance, meet industry standards, and handle every aspect of aircraft transitions in one place – from documentation, to deliveries, inspection audits, transitions, and returns.


  • The Records Management System makes it easy for operators to streamline records management. With a single, cloud-based solution, operators can digitize, index, and archive all maintenance records, seamlessly connect the records and data of internal and external operations, easily facilitate documentation between airlines and lessors, and match maintenance records to the relevant M&E (Maintenance & Engineering) system.
FlightPulse software empowers pilots through data | GE Digital


GE Digital helps you empower pilots with data to understand how they can operate more efficiently as they return to flight.


FlightPulse® was designed by pilots, for pilots to empower them with the data they need to make smarter decisions around safety and fuel consumption. FlightPulse provides pilots with secure access to personal analytics and flight data for their own individual flight history along with aggregated data from across their operation – so they can self-discover areas to optimize operations and maximize emission reduction.


  • Empower pilots with data-driven preflight and post flight self-briefings enabling more informed decisions around fuel and safety
  • Give pilots secure access to data from their individual flight history so they can analyze their own flights in relation to their peers
  • Help pilots understand and brief new routes

Let GE Digital help you keep your operation running smoothly as travel ramps back up