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Enable smart operators with modern model-based high performance HMI—anywhere, anytime

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Support a modern workforce with high performance HMI visualization

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Web HMI with Proficy Operations Hub

Working with iFIX, CIMPLICITY, Proficy Plant Applications, and Proficy Historian, Web HMI innovation from GE Digital via Proficy Operations Hub software provides a single high performance HMI across multiple data sources to improve situational awareness and enable operators for faster response. Web HMI technology modernizes visualization, driving the right operator actions with just a glance.


Web HMI also eases development, deployment, and maintenance. This model-based software moves you toward auto-generating your HMI runtime application. Leveraging HTML5 technology and centralized management, the true native Web clients provide anywhere, anytime access and do not require any client installation.

Benefits of Web HMI

Increase operator awareness

Boost operator confidence, situational awareness, and decision support to reduce errors and downtime.

Ease development, deployment, and maintenance

Accelerate development with a structured asset model, and reduce deployment and maintenance with centralized management, web clients, and templates.

Speed response anywhere, anytime

Achieve visualization where and when you need it with native response web design.

Features of Web HMI


High performance visualization

Designed to the ISA high performance HMI guidelines, Web HMI changes the visualization experience to optimize operator performance. Each window offers a different perspective or view on the displayed asset, interchangeable for a personalized experience. Operators see asset-related data automatically based on the model, speeding awareness and response.

Web HMI dashboard | GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Reduce development up to 40%

With Web HMI, you never start with a blank sheet of paper. Instead, you'll define your structured asset model, then map to the SCADA database. Save time by defining assets once for each class. Pre-defined objects and templates are high performance, out-of-the-box. Cards-or a model-driven window view-include HMI, alarms, alarm summary, trends, and control, and may be customized.

Web HMI dashboard | GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Zero deployment clients and centralized management

Deploying and maintaining has never been easier. Leveraging HTML5 technology, Web HMI reduces deployment and maintenance time. The true native Web clients do not require any client installation.

Digital Twin graphic showing power of advanced analytics on GE industrial turbine

Enable digital twin technology with data, visualization, and control

Web HMI provides a foundation for your digital industrial journey by connecting your assets and creating a digital mimic-or twin- of a process, network, or piece of equipment. Operators can visualize and identify key information, then take the right actions.


With Proficy Operations Hub, you can pull in analytics from Proficy CSense - gaining IoT-fueled optimization in your operations.

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Secure by design, cloud ready

Web HMI features encrypted communication from your Web client using SSL/digital certificate plus is IT security friendly and cloud ready.


I would absolutely recommend this new software to other SCADA users. It's very easy to figure out, helps with our jobs, and makes the operators more efficient.

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