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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

GE Power Transforms Service Delivery with Predix Industrial Applications


Optimized asset performance

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Improved engineering workforce schedule efficiency



GE Power

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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software


GE Power is a world leader in its industry and provides almost one-third of the world’s power generation capacity. And that doesn’t just include the equipment to power it; GE Power also provides services for its equipment. In order to manage the world’s largest installed base, a team of experts monitors thousands of power assets in real-time. This team collects more than 50,000 hours of operating data every day for 500 customers—who produce the electricity used by approximately 400 million people—at the Monitoring and Diagnostics Center in Atlanta, GA.   


With over 10,000 field engineers across five global regions, GE helps improve the way services are delivered to their customers—increasing utilization to over 76% and gaining a cost-savings of $35 million per year. This is accomplished by creating greater efficiencies in managing field engineering resources and planning their work, thereby improving their effectiveness in the field. In addition, by continuing to improve equipment response and resolution times, the team increases customer satisfaction and value.

Improving the reliability of the world’s power

GE Power Services leverages Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM) at its M&D center to monitor 2500 assets around the world in real-time. With Predix APM, the Power Services team optimizes the performance of these assets by using advanced analytics to predict equipment issues before they occur. This level of predictive maintenance can potentially reduce unplanned downtime by up to 5%, decrease false alarms by up to 75%, and minimize operations and maintenance costs by up to 25%.  


For us, we want to be able to maintain assets at the lowest cost possible. And from a customer standpoint, keeping their assets running means revenue generation. This creates an intimacy between service provider and customer that’s mutually beneficial.

Ehren Powell - SVP & CIO, Services, GE

In addition to Predix APM, the Power Services team leverages Predix ServiceMax for its long-term scheduling. Specifically, resource managers utilize Predix ServiceMax’s planning and scheduling capability to efficiently schedule their large workforce of engineers. The Dispatch Console technology allows resource managers to assign work for long-term jobs effectively by filtering by through skill competencies, availability, and location—improving utilization by 10%.    


The future of power generation productivity

GE Power has one ultimate goal in mind: to achieve zero unplanned downtime for their customers. With Predix APM and Predix ServiceMax, that outcome doesn’t seem so farfetched.   

We now have the right analytics that allow us to prevent forced outages. We haven’t solved for all of our challenges just yet, but there is really something to this virtuous cycle of connected asset data that delivers better visibility and information, advanced analytics that provide predictive indicators to failure, and accurate service histories that feedback to improve those indicators.

Trey Keisler - CIO, Global Operations, GE Power

GE Power is looking across its service, supply chain, production, and quality functions to continually evolve and improve its operations. These new areas of improvement are being powered by the parallel business improvements Predix APM and Predix ServiceMax have to offer. While GE Power initially turned to these solutions to enable productivity and business excellence in its services organization, the company is continuing to roll out Predix’s industrial applications in other parts of its business to take advantage of connected asset data, drive predictive analytics, and enable optimal asset performance and service delivery.

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