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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Cosmo Oil Describes APM Implementation on the Path to Improved Reliability


In order to respond to regulations and supply quality fuel products, Cosmo Oil maintains high operating ratios at the refineries which requires the stability of refinery operations all more important. From these perspective, Cosmo Oil is undergoing transformation in asset management to fundamentally reconsider and enhance preventive maintenance, which means proactive processes before (and to prevent) potential breakdown.


Cosmo Oil is leveraging GE Vernova’s APM change how they operate. Leveraging APM, Cosmo Oil has generated asset strategies, deployed digital twins and are actively seeing real value from the solution in a short period of time.


Hear from:

  • Kiyohide Yoshii (Maintenance Strategy & APM Manager) discuss the importance of leveraging APM at their refineries


  • Hiroyuki Kanto (Deputy General Manager, Mechanical Integrity & Maintenance) talk about using APM to find a way to manage critical assets that might be difficult to manage manually


  • Takashi Nagatomo (Maintenance Strategy Section) on the ability to use APM to confirm with other systems that maintenance plans are effective


  • Yo Yamamoto (General Manager, Mechanical Reliability) discuss integrating APM with other systems to perform quantitative risk analyses for effective maintenance


  • Masato Tsubota (Maintenance Strategy Section Manager) on how APM can analyze accumulated data for “quick wins”


  • Yohei Manabe (Maintenance Strategy Section) talks about how APM can manage corrosion to ensure reliability


  • Takeshi Takada (General Manager) discuss maintaining a safe operation with APM


  • Hirokatsu Harui (Director, Senior Executive Officer) on using APM to improve Cosmo Oil’s technical skills in equipment operation