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Press Release

GE Digital’s Aviation Insight Portal Modernizes Access to Safety Data

March 10, 2022
  • One stop shop for all Flight Analytics tools with customizable modules to manage workflows and understand event qualifications, performance data, and fuel efficiency
  • First two modules integrate content making it easier for airline safety experts to review events


SAN RAMON, Calif. – March 10, 2022 --  GE Digital today announced a new portal for their Flight Analytics™ applications for the Aviation Industry. The Aviation Insight Portal® modernizes the Event Measurement Systems (EMS) user experience with modules that ingest flight data to provide visibility, analytics, and integration across the entire GE Digital portfolio.

The new Aviation Insight Portal houses data modules that will provide all of the sophistication and functionality of tools in the data analytics platform in a simple, clean web based user interface. The first module, Event Review, allows safety analysts to review peer level safety events, hear directly from flight crew, and provide suggestions and information to address those safety events in the future.

The flight data viewer in the Event Review module allows users to drag flight parameters into groups to automatically populate charts that enable them to analyze values for each parameter down to the split second of an event. Users can also switch to a flight path view to see where events happened along the trajectory. There is also mapping view where users can actually see the airports and runways.

The Aircraft Data Status module allows users to see all the data coming in from the aircraft and provides alerts when there are issues with the data. This allows safety analysts to triage data flow issues in their fleet to see which aircraft require attention and deep dive into the data to remedy other flight safety situations that are both flight and operational. Users can sign up for email notifications to make the module even more responsive to customer needs.

“Monitoring aircraft data status from multiple operators is important for us at ATSG and has been a challenge historically,” said Alex Bychkovsky, Director, Operational Analysis at Air Transport Services Group (ATSG). “Aircraft Data Status allows easy access to an intuitive interface, which enables visibility to the full fleet, investigating data issues and alerts, from any internet-connected device.”

“Today, we help 25% of aircraft across the industry maintain their commitment to safe skies,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “The future of flight will evolve, but safety will always be our top priority. Solutions like Aviation Insight Portal are designed to provide flexibility in a contemporary way to provide the information airlines and operators need to continue raising the bar in terms of safety.”

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