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Tracking Production Losses

Tracking production losses

Full utilization of your assets leads to both capital and operating efficiency. A lack of reliability or “un-reliability” detracts from both.

Do you have a corporate or plant requirement to measure un-reliability?

Tracking production losses will identify, and quantify your opportunities for improvement. After all, what gets measured—gets managed. This paper describes the what, why, and how of repeatable work processes to track production losses and find hidden capacity in your operations.

Understand the critical steps to uncovering hidden capacity in your operations.  Download this white paper today.

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

APM Health software from GE Digital helps petrochemical plants reduce asset performance risk
Industrial Apps

APM Health

Standardize the collection, integration, modeling, and analysis of disparate data into a single, unified view.

APM Strategy software from GE Digital helps automobile manufacturers improve performance
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APM Strategy

Develop asset strategies to optimize across availability, reliability, and costs.