Composable APM to Meet Any Requirement

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a software suite designed to help optimize asset performance and O&M efficiency. Built on a microservice-based infrastructure, each APM application can be used on its own or in composition with any combination of apps. With native AI/ML and analytic capabilities, Digital Twins, and advanced visualization - GE Vernova’s APM is built to support assets, plants, or an entire fleet.

A truly comprehensive offering, GE Vernova’s APM is available on-premises or in the cloud and includes applications developed to enhance the performance of operators, reliability / performance engineers, supervisors, and other key teams responsible for asset-focused programs.

Cloud Ready

The best way to help organizations make a software buying decision is to allow you to test the software in advance. Based on your organization’s needs, explore our interactive APM Demos below and realize the potential of a modernized APM built with deep industry expertise.

Strategy Demo

Discover the power of digitizing asset strategies with APM. Rapidly deploy, optimize and integrate strategies with ease across the enterprise. Explore a workflow used by an asset-intensive producer to increase reliability and performance at the lowest cost—with lowest risk.

Health Demo

Experience how managers and operators can work more effectively as a team by leveraging diagnostics and mobile data collection strategies. See how to build scalable routes and realize the impact of near-real time data has on your ability to effectively monitor assets in the field.

Reliability Demo

Unlock the power of expert built AI/ML models for diagnostic and predictive maintenance. See how you can leverage practices such as Root Cause Analysis and Reliability Analytics in tandem with cutting edge technology. Easily expand proactive maintenance programs with easy to access alerts and cases from your most critical investments.

Performance Intelligence + Reliability Demo

Reduce hidden performance issues draining plant efficiency. Operationalize heat rate strategy for improved plant efficiency with near real-time performance monitoring in combination with GE’s trusted AI/ML models for diagnostic and predictive maintenance. This software is designed to be an economical and fast way for power plant teams to reduce fuel, unplanned downtime and help reach emission reduction targets.

Integrity Demo

Follow a group of users as they interact with our mechanical integrity solution. See how Reliability Managers, RBI analysts, Inspectors and others can gain more value for integrity programs across the upstream, downstream and midstream activities. Realize the power of your insights and decrease the overall risk profile of your operation.

Not Sure Which Demo To Explore?

Click the button to the right to explore the applications that will best help you achieve your goals. In this interactive video, you can pick your priority and uncover which GE Vernova APM Application(s) might be the best fit for your organization!

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GE Vernova generates, transmits, and distributes more than 25% of the world’s energy. Our APM software is built with more than 130+ years of expertise and has analytics fine-tuned from the ingestion of nearly 1 billion data points per day. Across the globe, GE Vernova’s APM software supports the entire energy value chain, from hydrocarbons such as oil and gas and petrochemicals, to mining to power generation in all formats through transmission and distribution.

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