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Autonomous Inspection – Automated Visual Inspection Software

AI-based image analytics for faster, safer, and more cost-effective asset inspections and monitoring.

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What is Autonomous Inspection?


Eyes for your APM – computer vision software for smart asset inspections

Autonomous Inspection is a cloud-based image analytics software that uses image capture devices and AI/ML algorithms to automate the manual visual inspection and monitoring processes. Its integration with select Asset Performance Management (APM) applications ensures visual insights are available within APM to help improve asset and operational outcomes.


Explore detailed functionality, use cases, and specifications in the Autonomous Inspection datasheet.



Maximize uptime, improve safety, and optimize costs


Enable faster, cost-effective detection & response

Detect early, act fast, and improve outcomes using automation.


Improve worker productivity & safety

Eliminate unsafe manual inspections and free up resources to focus on more value-adding activities. 


Drive better business outcomes with visual insights

Enrich your APM applications with visual insights to strengthen existing asset monitoring, failure prediction, and compliance initiatives.

Delivering value in many asset inspection and monitoring scenarios

Corrosion severity


Detect corrosion occurrence, estimate corrosion severity, and get automated alerts and recommendations.

Thermal Profiling

Thermal Profiling

Identify and get alerts for overheating assets from thermal images.

gauge reading

Gauge Reading

Automatically extract values from images of gauges and get alerted on abnormal variations.

MCC-Panel Monitoring

MCC/Panel Monitoring

Monitor operational status by automatically detecting the state of indicators like LEDs, warning lights, etc.

Shortening inspection reviews from 2 weeks to 30 mins

A global Oil & Gas firm was able to complete inspection reviews of corrosion images in under 30 minutes using Autonomous Inspection during a pilot. The same process earlier used to take them 2 weeks.*

“Over 20% savings on O&M cost could be realized from leveraging autonomous visual asset inspections.” – John Villali, Senior Research Director for IDC Energy Insights, IDC 

Case Study

How major European utility has transitioned to smarter and lower cost inspections?

Using Autonomous Inspection for thermal profiling of their critical electrical equipment like transformers and switchyards. They have transitioned to a…


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Transform visual inspection processes with computer vision

Automated Visual Inspection Software - pressure gauges

Quicker, safer, and more accurate data collection

With automated asset identification and data extraction features for gauge or valve positions, temperature changes, corroded areas, and more.

Automated Visual Inspection Software - corrosion

Detect and assess anomalies faster

With automated detection and severity estimation features for damage modes like corrosion.

Automated Visual Inspection Software - thermal image

Access visual insights and alerts within your APM

  • Access visual insights within Asset Performance Management applications with APM integration.
  • Receive actionable alerts that help minimize downtime or other losses.
  • Prioritize and resolve critical alerts first with alert management and escalation options.


Automated Visual Inspection Software - timeseries graph

Drive better asset and operational outcomes

  • Effectively consolidate and manage image data for future reference and analyses (historical, trend, or other analyses).
  • Initiate proactive interventions with automated recommendations from AL/ML analyses to optimize asset and operational performance.


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*These results were achieved by one customer during a pilot engagement and hence shouldn’t be perceived as a standard outcome for all customers.

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