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AirAsia saves fuel and carbon emissions with GE’s airspace analytics

1.27 MM kg

Annual fuel savings

4,013 mtCO2

Carbon emission savings


Minutes of delays saved







Airspace Efficiency


AirAsia is a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia, flying over 390 routes across 22 countries with 226 aircraft and one of the lowest unit costs in the industry of 3.67 US cents (CASK). They have been recognized as the World’s best low cost carrier for 11 years in a row, transforming its enterprise digitally into a travel and financial platform company.


  • Provided a web-based airspace analytics app to visualize full flight, surveillance, terrain and navigation data on single pane of glass; standard KPIs to evaluate operational waste in a given airspace.


  • Included professional services to facilitate ANSP discussions and identify actionable solutions together.

GE’s airspace analytics help us save 1.27 MM kg of fuel annually, over 4,000 mtCO2 and enable better accountability from our ANSP for provision of navigation services worth $1.7 MM per year.

Capt. Rajesh Gill - Head of Global Development & Efficiency, AirAsia


  • Better collaboration with and accountability from ANSP for provision of navigation services worth $1.7 MM / year


  • Improved utilization of low-cost options in existing airspace and fair ATC treatment for airspace allocation, relative to competitors


  • Annual savings of 1.27 MM kg of fuel, 4,013 mtCO2 and 34,657 minutes of delays

Putting Aviation data to work

Aviation Software from GE Digital
Aviation Software from GE Digital
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Unlocking value through digital solutions

GE Digital puts aviation data to work to produce insights that enable customers to enhance operator safety and efficiency, reduce operational disruptions, improve passenger experience, and make better decisions regarding real-time fleet health.  

Reduce inefficient air time with Airspace Analytics software from GE Digital

Using predictive analytics to reduce costs

Airspace Insight integrates multiple data sources to provide visualizations and analytics to help airline decision makers identify waste in an airspace (and the causes of that waste) and arm them with the information required to effect meaningful changes.


In addition to Airspace Insights, our Aviation experts provide world-class services and support to maximize your return on investment.

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