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Proficy Historian

Industrial Operations Data in the Cloud with Proficy Historian on AWS

3 mins

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Are you struggling to access your OT data?

Fear that you have data blind spots in your industrial operations needed to improve efficiencies across your enterprise?

This video showcases how GE Vernova’s Proficy Historian for Cloud – available in the AWS Marketplace – provides the ability to store OT equipment data fast and secure-by-design within individual plants and across the enterprise for maximum visibility to optimize and scale efficiencies.

Cloud Historian OT Data Management to Reduce Costs and Support Analytics

Join industry analyst Forrester along with AWS and GE Vernova in this IndustryWeek-hosted webinar to learn how you can leverage the only native-cloud industrial historian to easily move time-stamped, organized OT data to the cloud. 

The world’s first cloud-native operations data historian

Proficy Historian for Cloud | Industrial Automation | Managing OT data

Proficy Historian for Cloud is cloud-based industrial data management software. Our cloud historian:


  • Allows simple, secure by design, reliable movement of OT data to the cloud, at scale
  • Available in AWS Marketplace
  • Leverages existing IT cloud investments and supports IT data strategies
  • Easy OT data integration with the enterprise data lake
  • Enables the full potential of cloud-based analytics for optimization

Let GE Vernova help you unlock the full potential of your industrial data