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Proficy Historian

Cloud-Based OT Data Management to Enable Analytics & Optimization

Cloud-Based OT Data Management to Enable Analytics & Optimization | GE Digital

Can you move all of your company's OT data to the cloud at scale at a reasonable cost?

The ability to bring OT data to the cloud at scale unlocks the full potential of analytics for industrial companies. This potential remains unrealized because the technology that combines the capabilities of an operational historian with cloud native deployment hasn't existed.

Until now.

Learn how operational historians in the cloud can provide data analysis capabilities at speed allowing you to solve the riddle of enabling cloud-based analytics on high volume OT data.

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Proficy Historian for Cloud

Trend Data from Proficy Historian Software

Traditionally, to meet the needs of industrial users, operational historians on-prem stored and retrieved the massive amounts of OT data generated by their equipment and processes. Furthermore, many of these industrial users paid up to 90% higher costs for a competitive historian compared to GE Digital’s analyst-recommended historian.


With the only Native Cloud service for a historian, GE Digital and AWS are significantly reducing the costs of deployment and maintenance, eliminating disruptions due to upgrades, and easily aggregating data across industrial plants for enterprise-wide optimization.

Tired of paying high prices for your data historian?

For a limited time, GE Digital is offering Proficy Historian at up to 90% savings compared to OSI PI.  


Already have an historian? For a limited time, any OSI, AVEVA, or eDNA historian customer can switch to Proficy Historian at no additional cost. 


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