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Digital Energy Accelerates Your Time to Value

Software is mission critical.

The Energy grid is moving to an era of Digital Energy. We take the power of operational software and combine it with analytics to optimize your network. By creating a common data fabric, making applications modular, layering in machine learning, and taking a distributed approach with architecture and execution, we can help you achieve Network-Level Optimization. 

Partner with GE Digital to accelerate your digital transformation

Increase grid capacity to 25%

Transmission solutions: Increased grid stability, forecasting and security with Adv, Energy Management Systems (EMS), Wide-area Management Solutions (WAMS), Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Market Systems.

Reduce average outage time up to 30%

Distribution solutions: Improved grid reliability and efficiency with DER-aware Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS) + Mobility + Analytics.

Increased time savings in plan, design and as-built time to up 20%

Asset management and analytics: Increased geospatial network accuracy, office to field mobility + AI/ML analytic insights.

Reduce OPEX up to 80%

Utilities communications; Enabling high availability for mission critical applications with Gridcom product portfolio.

Leverage 70 years of cyber security expertise

Cyber security solutions: Identify ways to further secure networks including remote operations.

Increase renewable imports by up to 30%

Renewables & DERs: Harness the potential of renewables and distributed energy resources as companies move toward sustainability and environmentally conscious positions.

What is Network-Level Optimization?

Network-Level Optimization is a single source of truth for the electric delivery system, a cohesive, all-encompassing model of equipment, wiring, devices, and other grid components, as-designed and as-operated. It’s a digital brain that leverages data across the enterprise to achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.

End-to-end digital energy solutions for Network-Level Optimization


Solve for the challenge of grid transformation with an integrated and interoperable digital grid management system.


Leverage Digital Energy grid solutions to bridge the gap between predictive and prescriptive—connecting traditionally siloed systems, and providing integrated workflows delivered via a brilliant UI/UX. 


Accelerate the transformation to an autonomous future that connects and orchestrates in new ways, leveraging data across the enterprise using advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI—while remaining flexible on-premise, on the edge, and in the cloud.

Welcome to Digital Energy 2.0

Digital Energy
Digital Energy
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Positioning for tomorrow

It’s a moment when our customers are being called to transform—but we are transforming, too. Over the past 130 years, we’ve rewritten and redesigned our company to meet the challenges we faced yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s why we’re poised for the digital industrial era, and we’re ready to help lead our customers forward into a new future.


Industry Leading Software Requires:


  • Modular apps
  • Brilliant UI/UX
  • Common data layer
  • Interoperability
  • Execution and service excellence
GE Digital software helps utilities manage distributed energy resources like solar and wind power

Discover software solutions for Utilities

Lower your total cost of ownership while generating faster time to value and the flexibility to deploy anywhere, faster.

Advanced Distribution Management Solutions (ADMS)

Going beyond traditional distribution management systems, ranked #1 by Navigant Research.

Renewables & DER Orchestration

Manage and orchestrate DERs in an end-to-end manner, via flexible deployment options 


Grid management for 100% renewable energy

Grid Analytics

Achieve network-level optimization with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Geospatial Network Modeling

Model and manage your entire network infrastructure with consistency across your enterprise

Digital worker

Bring the office to the field, securely

Utilities Communications

Deliver fast, reliable and secure communications solutions  for mission critical applications

Cyber Security

Designed specifically for critical infrastructure environments 

Understand the latest software innovations and best practices in industrial IIoT with GE Digital's on-demand webinars for Utilities 

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