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Robotic Parking Systems Enables Eco-Friendly Parking with HMI/SCADA

Up to 40 %

Reduced development costs

Up to 40 %

Reduced operating costs

2 x

Storage capacity



Robotic Parking



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Predix HMI / SCADA

Robotic Parking Systems Inc., develops automated car parking facilities that double the storage capacity of a conventional multi-story car park.


An innovative approach to parking

Per car park space, the company’s parking and retrieval systems typically offer savings of between 30% and 40% in terms of development costs, and savings of between 30% and 40% in running costs due to the savings in volume of over 50%.


The automated parking systems designed by Robotic Parking Systems offer complete flexibility in design. They may be incorporated above ground or underground, inside a building, under a building, or even at the top of a building. The façade can match that of the surrounding buildings. There are no ramps, no high ceilings, and no space either side of the car for occupants to exit, therefore generating a large savings in space.


Robotic Parking Systems was looking for a solution to help ensure maximum system availability, extensive control, and monitoring equipment redundancy, including duplication of servers, HMIs, and PLCs on separate networks.


Unlocking preventative maintenance to meet environmental challenges

CIMPLICITY, part of the Predix HMI/SCADA suite, was selected to provide overall control and monitoring of the automated parking process. This solution would run alongside the Robotic Automated Parking Software (RAPS) system developed by Robotic Parking Systems, an intelligent process control system that optimizes the operation of the garage by constantly monitoring and intelligently controlling every aspect of the operation. The operator in the main control room can access the system with an HMI screen, which is connected by an Ethernet link to the main server running CIMPLICITY software.


Every component in the automated infrastructure is monitored and recorded by CIMPLICITY for maintenance purposes. When certain thresholds of usage are approached, the need for maintenance or replacement is flagged on a separate preventative maintenance HMI screen so that the work can be planned and carried out before problems arise.


Data is continuously archived, including CCTV images of all cars entering and exiting the facility. CIMPLICITY captures data that can be accessed via a LAN or Internet link using a browser. Built-in security ensures that only authorized personnel can query the system. Data is also exported to the Building Management System to provide information, such as the number of vehicles in the building and the processing of credit cards. A historical data analyzer can access historical data and provide trending and graphical reports.


Enabling safety and flexibility

Since implementing CIMPLICITY, Robotic Parking Systems has seen significant results. This includes doubling storage capacity, reducing development costs and operating costs by up to 40%, and moving vehicles at speeds up 2 meters per second and positioned with 1 mm accuracy.

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