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Grid Analytics

GE Digital Wins Best Practices in Product Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan Recognize GE Digital Global Transmission and Distribution, Grid Analytics

Today, utilities in electric grid operations face critical challenges such as:

  • Increasing penetration of renewables and distributed energy resources
  • Weather volatility and storm impact
  • Network and data integrity
  • Managing encroachment of the vegetation to the conductor lines

However, only 3% of industry data is being used to understand these challenges. GE Digital has applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based predictive analytics to this industry data, to create a fundamental shift in how we understand transmission and distribution, and deliver a suite of analytics for the digital energy era: GE Digital Grid Analytics.

Frost & Sullivan named GE Digital as the winner of their Best Practices award in the Transmission and Distribution Grid Analytics Industry

This award recognizes those organizations that deliver the best quality, reliability, and performance in the industry as well as those that are at the forefront of innovation and growth. As a result, these organizations are best placed to effectively deliver solutions to meet the industries evolving challenges and opportunities.

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Achieve network-level optimization with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Grid Analytics Software

Grid Analytics

Predictive and prescriptive insights


GE’s Digital Energy application portfolio combines GE’s power domain expertise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver predictive and prescriptive insights. These applications leverage our industry-leading analytics library and wrap around your existing infrastructure for fast time-to-value.

Let GE Digital show you how digital energy can accelerate your time to value