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Trial offer

Alpha Trader Trial for Renewable Assets

Price Prediction Digital Solution | GE Digital Operation Performance Management

Hedge risk with Day Ahead trading recommendations for wind, solar or storage.

Are you struggling to answer the following questions with confidence from your current forecasting tools?

  • How energy will be generated?
  • How much is that energy worth?
  • What is the right offer strategy to match my risk profile?

Improve the financial performance of your assets with Day Ahead insights to increase revenue and minimize risk

Trusting new recommendations takes time. Request a free consultation for a discounted trial.

GE Digital is offering a discounted trial to wholesale energy market participants with renewable assets.  

  • Day Ahead and Real Time price predictions
  • Day Ahead power generation predictions
  • Risk adjusted recommendation of MW to offer each hour

Harness the power of GE Digital’s expertise in power generation to improve your bid strategy

Leverage Deep Domain Expertise

A world leader in energy and digital solutions, GE equipment powers 30% of the world's total power and has more than 400GW of renewable energy equipment installed.

GE Digital’s Alpha Trader leverages this domain expertise to train its AI/ML models of day ahead and real time price as well as plant capacity. See improvement on commitment preparations, energy bidding and fuel nomination in less than three months.