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Reuters Report: Digitalize to Decarbonize

Reuters Whitepaper: Digitalize to Decarbonize

The critical role of software in fueling in the energy transition for heavy industry

As the energy transition takes hold and countries, companies, and consumers alike drive towards decarbonization goals, it’s imperative that energy is reliable and affordable. As demand grows, and fuel sources become less secure amid renewed geopolitical tensions, this imperative must be kept front of mind. In a global context of supply chain disruptions and sharp volatility in commodity prices, optimizing the performance of energy assets to increase reliability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks has become ever more critical over the past few years.


Learn from GE Digital experts about how:

  • Diverse energy sources strengthen the case for a holistic approach that connects short-term gains at the site level to larger-scale and longterm enterprise-wide efforts
  • How digitalization can empower your most critical asset – employees – by prioritizing activities by criticality and cost
  • Heavy industry can use artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to significantly lower overall emissions