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Middlesex County Improves Operations with HMI/SCADA Mobility


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Middlesex County Utilities Authority Inc.




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Middlesex County Utilities Authority (MCUA) is committed to maintain the pristine beauty of the Raritan Bay by providing wastewater treatment services for industrial, commercial, and residential users in Middlesex County, as well as several municipalities in Union and Somerset counties. MCUA is the second largest authority in New Jersey with average flows of 100 million gallons a day with a peak of 450 million gallons daily. 


Visualizing the Plant for Informed Decisions


MCUA chose GE Digital’s iFIX HMI/SCADA software to help their operators visualize the plant, providing them with an intuitive graphical interface to see the process and help them make any necessary operations changes. MCUA asked that the graphics in the GE Digital software interface look like the actual plant, so their operators see equipment similar to what is on the floor, helping them visualize and understand the process. 


Getting real-time, accurate data to MCUA operators helped them determine how to best operate the plant in a streamlined process. 


For us, the mobility is giving the administration the ability to see our flows and our data from anywhere. If the operator needs help making a decision, you can go on to your tablet or phone and see the information and assist them with their needs.

Kevin Davis - Process Controls Engineer, Middlesex County Utilities Authority


GE Digital’s iFIX provided MCUA with tools that are expandable and easy to set up.  They were able to take advantage of the out-the-box tools and easy customization.  MCUA embedded video cameras into their iFIX system, so they didn’t need to leave the HMI/SCADA environment for increased visibility. 


Reporting is also important to MCUA, along with Proficy Historian and the Excel add-in.  Their complete SCADA system provided them with the reporting, integration, and security they needed. 



  • Visualizing the plant with an intuitive interface for improved operations
  • Accurate data for informed decisions
  • Real-time operational intelligence
  • Increased visibility and productivity

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