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Aluflex AB Achieves More Efficient Production with ROB-EX Scheduler


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Aluflex has worked and developed in the Scandinavian automation industry since 1988. The company provides automation solutions such as aluminum profile systems, conveyor belts, pallet conveyors and workstation systems as well as linear products such as linear guides, ball screws, linear modules, telescopic movements and rack and pinion solutions.



As the company has grown, Mats Andersson, Production Manager at Aluflex, realized that their own production required better planning, and the choice fell on Novotek as supplier.


Outgrowing Manual Processes for Production Planning


When Mats started at Aluflex, there were only two people in production and one person in the workshop. Today, Aluflex is located throughout the Nordic region, and as specialists in efficient mechanical solutions for industry, they have a large customer base. Originally, production planning took place in Excel, and Mats had ultimate planning responsibility.


Mats had to move information manually every day, and every Friday the planning was written for the next week out. The planning would quickly become obsolete, as the reality of production often changed. His experience with the production 


ROB-EX felt like the best option. One good solution for integrating it all.

Mats Andersson - Production Manager, Aluflex AB


Easy Integration


At a trade fair in Gothenburg, Novotek introduced Mats to ROB-EX Scheduler, and he then took up the matter internally in the company. It was an easy journey for Mats to convince the management team after Novotek did a demo. Aluflex chose between two planning systems, and the choice was ROB-EX Scheduler. “ROB-EX felt like the best option. One good solution for integrating it all,” Mats explains.


After the order was placed with Novotek, it took only two months before the system was up and running and integrated. “We did not experience any complications with either the introduction or the integration,” Mats says. 


ROB-EX has its own web client for feedback, but in Aluflex's case, the planning software was integrated with their business system Navision and the stamp system Bofab, which worked well.



The Automation in the Process


Mats describes the benefits of ROB-EX as many, but the foremost advantage is the automation in the process. Everything happens in real time, and the numerous technicians can easily plan the orders. All salespeople and production workers have a viewer, so they can easily open up and see how the planning looks and follow specific orders. 


Everyone in the staff at Aluflex is satisfied with the solution and thinks it is easy to use. For Mats, ROB-EX Scheduler has helped to save a lot time in his work schedule compared to working in Excel.


To summarize the benefits in one word, it's the visualization – everyone can see what is happening in the production planning.

Mats Andersson - Production Manager, Aluflex AB

Profitable Investment


The investment paid off quickly, since the company started using ROB-EX. They experience more efficient production, which leads to increased sales and lower staff costs. Mats says: “It is safer to set customer delivery times that we can meet. We can easily see which orders may be affected by delays and can work more preventively.”


Aluflex is very satisfied with the collaboration with Novotek and think it has worked very well.


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Novotek is the leading creator of innovative solutions for Automation and Industrial IT in the Nordic countries, Benelux, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ireland. The foundation is a portfolio of great products from among others GE Digital. With a team of highly dedicated solution architects, we are able to deliver solutions that makes it possible for our customers to stay ahead with competition.

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