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Forward Thinking UK Power Networks Expands Digital Wide Area Restoration Abilities

UK Power Networks Deploys Outage Restoration Tool

PORT uses the APRS system to reroute electricity supplies via the 11,000-volt network after a fault on the EHV electricity network. Read the T&D World article.

Implementing Wide Area Restoration at UKPN

Implementing Wide Area Restoration at UKPN | NextGen SCADA | GE DIgital

On-demand webinar

Hear James Allison, Control Systems SCADA Manager at UK Power Networks and Paul Westwater, Solution Consultant Manager at GE Digital's Grid Software, as they discuss UK Power Network's Wide Area Restoration implementation success at the NextGen SCADA 2021 Virtual Conference.


Large scale outages happen less often that feeder outages, but when they do, they have a far greater impact on your customers. GE and UKPN worked together to develop Wide Area Restoration, an algorithm that safely and quickly restores power when there is a loss of one or more primary substations. This session discusses how the solution was implemented and the benefits that were achieved.

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