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The Materials team builds on a rich history of innovation and technology leadership with world class expertise in the areas of materials science and engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, mechanical and manufacturing engineering.  Interdisciplinary teams within Materials develop unique material and process solutions for government programs and industry.  

The Materials team has many examples of bringing concepts to industrial solutions through the application of materials development, processing, testing and characterization, systems design and fabrication and modeling.


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  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Materials

  • Advanced Manufacturing

    Redesigning the manufacturing life-cycle to disrupt industry, enable novel designs and allow creativity to meet production

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  • Ceramics

    From synthesis to sintering, we innovate new ceramic products to bring to market across industrial sectors

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  • Coatings

    Developing novel and cost-effective coating technologies that enable next generation products, market opportunities, and value

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  • Energy Storage & Conversion

    With high performance capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, we have experience in low and high temperature energy storage and conversion

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  • High Voltage Insulation

    Tackling complicated problems of insulation with novel materials and processing technologies to address high voltages arising in harsh power systems

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  • Inspection Technologies

    Meeting end-to-end inspection needs with expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art facilities in inspection technologies

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  • Magnetic Materials

    Advancing magnetic materials innovation to support energy conversion and power generation across industries

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  • Materials Characterization

    Inspecting a material's chemical, microstructure and physical properties to provide quality, market-ready products to meet consumer demands

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  • Materials & Process Modeling

    Combining the power of physics and data driven models to accelerate the discovery, development and servicing of material solutions and processes

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  • Material Reliability Testing

    Offering world class expertise and capability in assessing and mitigating environmental degradation of materials

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  • Optical Materials

    Continuing to lead the successful development of visible LEDs, semiconductor lasers, fluorescent lamps and ceramic scintillators

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  • Physical Metallurgy

    Enhancing the microstructure and properties of alloys for demanding manufacturing methods across industries

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  • Polymer & Composite Materials

    Leveraging our development and production of complex composite and polymer materials to enable commercialization outcomes

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  • Sensing Materials

    Inventing and developing wide-ranging sensing materials and systems to provide solutions across many sectors

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