Changing The Technology Landscape

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Advancing the state-of-the-art in additive technologies and systems, from design to part, to digitally create the physical

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enabling the smart Industrial Internet by connecting minds and industrial machines to create intelligent and user-friendly products

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  • Biology & Applied Physics

    Building creative tools and imaging solutions to shape the future of healthcare, biomanufacturing, biotechnology and adjacent industries

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  • Controls & Optimization

    Leveraging controls, estimation, optimization, operations research, and risk management to improve customer outcomes

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  • Digital Technologies

    Delivering business value with foundational systems and applications that digitally manage critical business data and operations

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  • Edge Computing

    Pushing data collection, analytics and computation to the Edge to dynamically manage industrial machines securely and safely

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  • Electric Power

    Pushing the boundaries of electrical technology while accelerating the electrification of products around the world

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  • Electronics & Sensing

    Developing breakthrough electronics and sensing solutions with a focus on extreme integration across technologies, form factors and harsh environments

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  • Materials

    Delivering advanced, disruptive material solutions to drive performance, cost and durability across diverse product lines

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  • Mechanics & Design

    Driving innovation in mechanical technology to improve durability, affordability, efficiency, and power density of industrial products and services

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  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems

    Envisioning a world where service robots work with and for us, shoulder-to-shoulder and over long distances, to drive new levels of productivity and safety across industries

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  • Software & Analytics

    Harnessing the power of computing, data and analytics to enable optimization of industrial assets

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  • Thermosciences

    Inventing breakthrough aerodynamic, thermal management and combustion solutions for improved performance, reliability, cost, and environmental impact

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  • Accelerating Knowledge-Driven Solutions

    A suite of toolkits that provide a strong foundation for modeling domain knowledge and building knowledge-driven applications.

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  • Advanced Breast Imaging

    Over 25 years developing advanced breast imaging systems in collaboration with clinical centers of excellence.

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  • Aerothermal Flow Characterization

    High speed, unsteady aerothermal flow characterization rig.

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  • Autonomous Imaging

    Can ultrasound systems become as common as a stethoscope by enabling scans to be performed by novice users?

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  • Bioelectronic Medicine Therapy for Targeted…

    Tools for noninvasively modulating neural signaling in peripheral organs to advance the study of nerves and their effect on homeostasis and disease.

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  • CORE3D

    Automatically generate accurate 3D object models with real physical properties from multiple data sources.

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  • Detection of Metastases in Lymph Nodes

    This project aims to use quantitative-ultrasound (QUS) methods for detecting metastases in lymph nodes in a broad range of cancer types.

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  • Digital Thread for Design℠ Applications

    Digital Thread for Design℠ (DT4D℠) is an automated, AI-driven workflow process to revolutionize the design of complex industrial components and systems.

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  • Disposable, Adjustable Clinical Grade Vital Sign…

    Low-cost manufacturing platform for disposable, hospital-grade multi-parameter clinical monitoring devices.

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  • DNA Vaccine Improvements

    Developing a DNA vaccine that can be rapidly produced, effectively delivered, and requires fewer doses to elicit long-term protective immunity.

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  • Hypersonics

    We're working on next generation materials, propulsion technologies and other supporting innovations to make hypersonic flight a reality.

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  • Industrial AI

    We’re pioneering the depth & breadth of AI in a physics+ world to deliver an interpretable and industrially-relevant deep learning model for high value assets and systems.

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  • Precision Medicine

    We’re bringing together biology and physics in unique and powerful ways to drive new advances in healthcare.

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    Precision Medicine
  • Trusted Autonomy

    We’re disrupting industry by creating collaborative software-enabled machines that rapidly learn complex field operations & safely execute them.

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