Multiple Perspectives Create Infinite Possibilities

We believe this to our core, which is why we have the world’s most interdisciplinary powerhouse of researchers. Drawing from our population allows us to tackle the world’s hardest problems from every angle, particularly ones that are unseen through just one lens.

With over 100 years of experience solving GE’s and the world’s toughest challenges, we’re ready to get to work for you.

Our Offerings

Defining the cutting edge is what we do. With the power of our people, our digital expertise and our network, we create real results the world has never seen, that the whole world can use. And we get there faster than anyone else.

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Commercial Services

Bring us your toughest challenge, we have the tools and teams to transform your needs into solutions.

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Digital Solutions

Only GE Research has the network to approach your digital needs from every angle.

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Intellectual Property

License a patent or technology portfolio, partner on an exciting new venture, or create competitive advantage.

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We're ready to partner with you. 

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