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Electronics & Sensing

Electronics & Sensing

For more than 50 years, Moore’s Law has shaped semiconductor advancement, revolutionizing electronics-enabled applications. As we approach fundamental constraints in materials and physics, the exponential advances in performance and miniaturization are beginning to slow. GE Research is pushing beyond these limitations by blending novel devices, flexible substrates, and innovative component and system architectures.

We are shaping the future of electronics and sensing with highly integrated, cost-conscious solutions that enable new levels of performance and asset intelligence across multiple industries. Our efforts span a portfolio of technologies to usher in the intrinsic integration future of electronics.

Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

GE Research is pursuing silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create new opportunities in the power electronics arena, particularly in harsh environment applications. Our SiC device design and process capabilities have also led to novel uses as a sensor and as a building block for high-temperature integrated circuits.

Advanced Microelectronics

GE Research develops technologies that can create as much as 10x differentiation in customer products, especially those that are in highly constrained environments. This differentiation is established through system of systems development to manage and often eliminate risk trades across the entire solution. This technology provides valuable electronic system solutions for harsh environment sensing applications that push the limits of signal-to-noise, power, and weight. This same technology is used for the development of mixed-signal ASICs that are at the heart of GE’s medical imaging devices.

Heterogenous Integration

Our multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and technical depth across diverse technologies give the team a unique advantage. We focus on high performance applications that demand a heterogenous integrative approach to creating microsystems that combine microelectronics, photonics, and MEMS devices. In addition, we address the supply chain challenges of high value and low volume to meet the needs of our industrial and military customers in design, fabrication, packaging, and testing for advanced prototype-to-production solutions.

Flexible Hybrid Electronics

GE Research is combining microelectronics and sensors on flexible substrates to enable solutions that can adapt to a wide variety of operating conditions. These solutions thrive across diverse environments from jet engines and wind turbines to the human body.


We are actively researching and developing bioelectronic medicine, exploring the use of non-invasive devices to diagnose and treat chronic diseases.  These future applications will require electronics solutions that can naturally adapt to the form and physiology of the human body.

  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Electronics & Sensing

  • Semiconductors

    Developing world-class semiconductor and detector technologies that offer differentiation in applications ranging from power conversion to radiation detection

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  • Optics & Photonics

    Developing novel technologies for applications in sensing, data communication, imaging, directed energy systems, and energy conversion

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  • MEMS & Microsystems

    Integrating and synchronizing complex measurements to operate in our customer's products within highly constrained environments

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  • Electronics Packaging

    Building and implementing technologies both internally and with production partners for medical and industrial applications

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  • Microelectronics

    Developing solutions from advanced imaging applications to embedded electronic systems and sensing systems for industrial and aeronautical applications

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  • Microfabrication

    Constructing micrometer structures in a world-class cleanroom staffed with experienced unit step leaders, engineers and technicians

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