Turning Research Into Reality to Redefine Industries

Creating ceramic materials as tough as metal that are revolutionizing the efficiency of commercial jet engines. Adapting medical x-ray technology to check for gas leaks deep underwater. Building an operating system for industry to automate and optimize the tens of billions of machines getting connected to the Internet. At GE Research, we are turning cutting-edge research into commercial realities that are redefining major industry sectors and much more.

Connecting the Dots Between Technologies and Sectors

We’re as deep in many technical fields as we are broad in our domain knowledge across multiple industries. We use these expansive views to connect the dots between technologies and industry sectors in ways no one else can to drive truly novel solutions.

Aerospace image

Discover how GE Research is taking air travel from the stratosphere to outer space. Learn about our latest advances in aerospace engineering and science.

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Power & Energy

Today, GE researchers are on the front lines of defining a new chapter in energy that is more diverse, more distributed and more digitized in how it is managed.

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The convergence of digital technologies with physics and biology is transforming the quality and accessibility of healthcare around the world.

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Advanced Manufacturing

The next great leap in advanced manufacturing technology is being driven by the power of advanced materials, 3D printing, automation and artificial intelligence.

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Discover how GE is leading the digitization of rail transport, bringing digital horsepower to increase the speed and efficiency of trains on the railways.

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Defense & Security

We apply our vast experience in advanced materials, complex turbomachinery and advanced cyber protections to advance critical military infrastructure and systems.

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Custom Solutions

GE Research scientists innovate at the intersection of domain expertise and industry experience.

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