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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners
Collaborating on Industry Breakthroughs

With over a century of experience solving the toughest technical problems of GE’s industrial businesses, we are the ideal partner for any company looking for someone to solve their most pressing needs.

We bring a top ten patent portfolio of ~63,000 patents and highly diverse teams of scientists and engineers representing 58 different research capabilities. Our expertise uniquely melds physics with digital and deep industry domain knowledge across GE’s businesses.  We’ve always stayed close to the markets in which GE has played and have a proven track record of turning great ideas into commercial successes.

We’re ready to put our knowhow to work for you. Today, we are offering several research services outside to external customers. For example, our Material Characterization group is helping one client analyze and improve material systems used in renewable energy generation to make it more efficient. We’re also offering new services with cyber protection, Edge computing, additive manufacturing, structural materials, thermal management devices and high performance computing. 

At GE Research, we view innovation as a team sport. We thrive on external partnerships and would relish the opportunity to work directly with you to help realize your most important research priorities. 

Partnering with GE Research

As GE’s innovation powerhouse, we’re putting more than a century of breakthroughs to work for strategic partners outside GE that can benefit from our unmatched legacy and scale. We hold one of the world’s top IP portfolios and have a proven track record of developing and commercializing winning products for GE businesses. We maintain longstanding relationships with key customers, partners, governments and academic institutions to drive innovations across a broad set of industries, from energy to transportation to healthcare. With strong interdisciplinary teams, we can put our breadth of expertise and industry experience to work for you.

GE Research is the ideal partner to realize our vision to advance engineered T cell manufacturing to a functionally integrated and fully automated process. This unique partnership further positions us to deliver on the promise of T cell-based cancer immunotherapy for patients worldwide.

-Arie Belldegrun, M.D.
Founder of Kite Pharma
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