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Mechanics & Design

Mechanics & Design

The GE Research team utilizes unique skills and domain expertise in durability, mechanical systems, mechanical synthesis, probabilistic design and structural mechanics to bring unique solutions to life for our customers. 

Our teams combine advanced analytical methods, using commercial and in-house tools, with sub-scale and full-scale experimental capabilities for basic phenomenon such as fatigue, wear or motion control through full scale validation of airfoils, bearings, gears and seals. GE Research also develops tools and methods for optimizing the design and manufacturing of novel systems.


Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger


  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Mechanics & Design

  • Durability

    Enhancing the environmental and component durability of our products to extend operating life in the harshest industrial environments

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  • Mechanical Systems

    Developing prediction tools and mature components for rotating and reciprocating machines to enable the safe, smooth, and efficient transfer of power

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  • Mechanical Synthesis

    Developing tools and methods to reduce design iterations from concept to product and optimize producibility from design intent to as-manufactured parts

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  • Probabilistic Design

    Combining test data with advanced mathematical methods to reduce model complexity and achieve optimal designs under engineering uncertainty

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  • Structural Mechanics

    Developing methods that minimize weight and cost while maximizing durability and performance in mechanical and electrical hardware

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