R&D Facilities

At GE Research, research and development has been the cornerstone of innovation for more than century. With more than 300,000 square feet of lab facilities and collaboration spaces, we're reading to partner with you. 

Research Labs

Domain-specific labs enabling deep scientific research or development of custom solutions.

  • Big Data Lab

    Big data lab for AI innovation and research to address digital industrial challenges with respect to scalable data storage, management, and analytic execution.

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  • Electronics Fabrication Lab

    Developing technology and providing low volume manufacturing in a ISO9001 certified facility

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  • High Performance Computing Lab

    Enabling breakthrough modeling, simulation, and machine learning capabilities for our research community and partners around the world

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  • Materials Characterization Lab

    Providing high fidelity data and applying innovative analytical techniques to reach decisions quickly

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  • MRI Research Lab

    Designing, fabricating, and deploying novel conventional and non-conventional MRI systems

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Collaboration Spaces

Spaces designed for assembling or co-locating interdisciplinary teams focused on a key mission or outcome.

  • Forge Lab

    Exploring what's possible at the edge of technical feasibility

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  • Information Works

    Providing our customers with first hand experience of our digital industrial offerings

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  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems Lab

    Designing, developing, prototyping, and testing novel robots and autonomous systems

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