Technology Domains

Our Research Engine is fueled by technology and capability. We have deep expertise in many domains, and by assembling interdisciplinary teams across them our ability to find unconventional solutions is unparalleled.

Technology Domains
Artificial Intelligence
Enabling the smart Industrial Internet by connecting minds and industrial machines to enable intelligent and user-friendly products
Biology & Applied Physics
Creating and building tools and imaging solutions to shape the future of healthcare, biomanufacturing, biotechnology and adjacent industries
Controls & Optimization
Leveraging controls, estimation, optimization, operations research, and risk management to increase customer outcomes

Capabilities for Artificial Intelligence

  • Human System Interaction
    Researching and developing intelligent, natural user interfaces and visual analytic techniques to enhance & enrich interactions between humans and AI
  • Knowledge Management & Big Data
    Applying semantic modeling, text mining and Big Data to capture and digitize industrial domain knowledge that is usable by humans and machines
  • Machine Learning
    Developing and scaling machine learning solutions for industrial applications to allow for continuous learning, adapting and improving in dynamic operating environments
  • Computer Vision
    Performing fundamental and applied research to mimic human visualization and interpretation

Capabilities for Biology & Applied Physics

  • Electromagnetics and Superconductivity
    From creation and manipulation of electromagnetic fields to the design, modeling and use of superconducting and electromagnetic materials
  • Ultrasound Imaging
    The physics of ultrasound signal generation,  propagation and detection
  • Biomedical Engineering
    The intersection of human physiology, electronics, chemistry and optics
  • Biosciences
    Working from the molecular scale through human health and disease, building novel technology solutions for genomic, protein, cell analysis and imaging applications
  • Radiation Imaging
    Redefining what's possible in X-ray, CT and PET imaging to create innovative solutions for healthcare and industrial inspection
  • Magnetic Resonance Physics
    Magnetic resonance physics and systems science for image formation and controlling spin physics response with specialized hardware

Capabilities for Controls & Optimization

  • Business & Risk Analytics
    Developing advanced business analytics to model and control financial risks, improve performance, and gain key business insights
  • Enterprise Optimization
    Optimizing design, operation, and supply chain decisions for assets and complex business systems
  • Real-Time Optimization
    Combining asset Digital Twins, market data, and optimization algorithms to create supervisory control algorithms that maximize business outcomes
  • Statistical Signal Processing
    The science of processing sensor data informed by physics and signal statistics to detect events, estimate parameters, and enable informed asset decisions
  • Model-Based Controls
    Developing advanced multi-variable model-based controls algorithms that leverage online models to provide stability and improve transient performance and operability
  • Estimation & Modeling
    Developing estimation algorithms and models for real-time use
Digital Technologies
Delivering business value with foundational systems and applications that make up the ecosystem to digitally manage critical business data and operations
Edge Computing
Pushing data collection, analytics and compute capability to the Edge to manage industrial machines more dynamically with security and safety
Electric Power
Pushing the boundaries of electrical technology while accelerating the electrification of products around the world

Capabilities for Digital Technologies

  • High Performance Computing
    World-Class Modeling and Simulation Based Engineering Services
  • Digital Thread for Design
    Revolutionizing product engineering by harnessing workflow automation, data management and machine learning to expedite and differentiate engineering outcomes
  • Knowledge Management
    Protecting institutional knowledge through a set of strategic knowledge management capabilities and services critical for business continuity
  • Portfolio Management
    Simplifying and supporting program/project planning, resourcing, forecasting, allocations, & execution with real time analytics, and visibility
  • Software Development
    Innovative software solutions in alignment with Agile & FastWorks principles helping businesses transform

Capabilities for Edge Computing

  • High Assurance Systems
    Enabling the design, development, and verification of safety critical infrastructure
  • Embedded Computing
    Integrating computation with physical processes
  • Cybersecurity
    Building an industrial immune system to protect critical infrastructure that moves and powers the world

Capabilities for Electric Power

  • Electrical Machines
    Designing rotating, linear, radial and axial electric machines for applications ranging from kilowatts to multi-megawatts of power
  • Power Electronics
    Providing power conversion and distribution solutions for the aviation, healthcare, energy and automotive sectors
  • Electrical Systems
    Integrating multiple energy sources, combining electric machines with mechanical transmissions and simplifying controls through sensor-less technology
  • Power Systems
    Delivering complex design and modeling capability equipped with state of the art design tools to transform electric power systems
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
    Implementing advanced sensing solutions for industrial and grid assets and using machines as sensors and analytics/algorithms for asset health assessment
Electronics & Sensing
Developing breakthrough electronics and sensing solutions with a focus on extreme integration across technologies, form factors and harsh environments
Delivering advanced, disruptive material solutions to drive performance, cost and durability across diverse product lines
Mechanics & Design
Pushing the boundaries of mechanical technology to improve durability, affordability, efficiency, and power density of industrial products and services

Capabilities for Electronics & Sensing

  • Semiconductors
    Developing world-class semiconductor and detector technologies that offer differentiation in applications ranging from power conversion to radiation detection
  • Optics & Photonics
    Developing novel technologies for applications in sensing, data communication, imaging, directed energy systems, and energy conversion applications
  • MEMS & Microsystems
    Heterogenous integration of microscale sub-systems creating differentiation in our customer’s products that operate in highly constrained environments
  • Electronics Packaging
    Building and implementing technologies both internally and with production partners for medical and industrial applications
  • Microelectronics
    Developing solutions for advanced imaging applications, sensing systems for industrial and aeronautical applications, and embedded electronic systems
  • Microfabrication
    Constructing small structures on a micrometre scale in a 28,000 sq. ft. class 100/1000 facility containing over 200 semiconductor processing equipment

Capabilities for Materials

  • Advanced Manufacturing
    Redesigning the manufacturing life-cycle, across materials, inspection, process physics, modeling, and design
  • Ceramics
    From synthesis to sintering, ceramics are at the heart of applications across many industrial sectors
  • Coatings
    Developing novel and cost-effective coating technologies that enable next generation products, market opportunities, and value
  • Energy Storage & Conversion
    From battery cells, modules & systems to solid oxide fuel cells - we have experience in low and high temperature energy storage and conversion
  • High Voltage Insulation
    Tackling complicated problems of insulation for over voltages arising in power systems in harsh environments with materials and processing technologies
  • Inspection Technologies
    Combining expertise, experience and state-of-the-art facilities to invent and develop novel inspection technologies
  • Magnetic Materials
    Magnetic materials innovation to support energy conversion and power generation
  • Materials Characterization
    Characterization is a process in which a material's chemical, microstructure & physical properties are probed, measured & determined using a variety of methods & techniques
  • Materials & Process Modeling
    Combining the power of physics and data driven models to accelerate discovery, development and servicing of material solutions & processes
  • Material Reliability Testing
    Offering world class expertise and capability in assessing and mitigating environmental degradation of materials
  • Optical Materials
    Leading development of visible LEDs, semiconductor lasers, fluorescent lamps and ceramic scintillators
  • Physical Metallurgy
    Putting alloys to use in some of the most demanding applications
  • Polymer & Composite Materials
    Developing new composite and polymer materials to enable novel outcomes
  • Sensing Materials
    Developing wide-ranging sensing materials & systems across many sectors

Capabilities for Mechanics & Design

  • Durability
    Creating machines that exceed traditional performance specs in the harshest industrial environments
  • Mechanical Systems
    Developing prediction tools and mature components for rotating and reciprocating machines enabling safe, smooth, and efficient transfer of power
  • Mechanical Synthesis
    Developing tools and methods to reduce design iterations from concept to product and to optimize producibility from design intent to as-manufactured parts
  • Probabilistic Design
    Combining test data with high and low fidelity analyses using advanced mathematical methods to reduce cost and development time while maximizing system performance
  • Structural Mechanics
    Developing methods that minimize weight and cost while maximizing durability and performance in mechanical and electrical hardware
Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Envisioning a world where service robots work with and for us, shoulder-to-shoulder and over long distances, to address dull, dirty and dangerous work
Software & Analytics
Harnessing the power of computing, data and analytics to enable optimization of industrial assets
Inventing breakthrough aerodynamic, thermal management and combustion solutions for improved performance, reliability, cost, and environmental impact

Capabilities for Robotics & Autonomous Systems

  • Electromechanical Systems
    Creating robotic platforms of all types from initial concept sketches through design and development of hardware solutions
  • Autonomy
    Developing intelligent robotic systems integrating robot perception, learning, and motion planning

Capabilities for Software & Analytics

  • Physical-Digital Analytics
    Integrating deep domain expertise in core technologies with analytics that combine operational data, physical-based simulations and AI models
  • Industrial Software
    Bringing robust software development practices to interdisciplinary engineering teams

Capabilities for Thermosciences

  • Advanced Modeling and Simulation
    Developing advanced simulation techniques and models to enable design by numerical analysis
  • Aerodynamics Solutions
    Developing advanced technologies for improved aerodynamic, aeromechanical, aerothermal, and aeroacoustics for high performance products
  • Combustion and Propulsion
    Developing high performance solutions for engine applications including dynamics suppression, emissions controls and fuel efficiency
  • Component Heat Transfer
    Developing innovative aerothermal solutions for gas turbine hot gas path components and cooling technologies for propulsion systems and turbomachinery
  • Thermal Management & Systems
    Designing and validating novel energy/thermal management systems such as heat pipes, heat exchangers and novel air movers through modeling, simulation, and testing