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Inspired by Thomas Edison and led by GE's early chief consulting engineer, Charles Steinmetz, GE Research was created to maintain market edge and to foster new discoveries and commercial applications.

That mission rings true today as we harness unparalleled scientific breadth and depth to drive innovation at the intersection of technical fields, move product to entitlement, solve problems and deliver outcomes to our customers.

  • Bioelectronic Medicine Therapy for Targeted Neuromodulation

    Tools for noninvasively modulating neural signaling in peripheral organs to advance the study of nerves and their effect on…

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  • Digital Thread for Design℠ Applications

    Digital Thread for Design℠ (DT4D℠) is an automated, AI-driven workflow process to revolutionize the design of complex…

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  • HPC in Manufacturing

    HPCwire magazine honored Dr. Cheung with the Editors’ Choice Award for Best Use of HPC in Manufacturing at the 2018 Super…

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  • Autonomous Imaging

    Can ultrasound systems become as common as a stethoscope by enabling scans to be performed by novice users?

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  • Quantitative Finance Analytics

    Addressed significant analytical challenges associated with GE's portfolio of financial assets, including commercial loans…

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  • In-Situ Observation of Damage Accumulation in CMCs

    Real-time, sub-micron, 3D visualizations of microstructure to create and validate damage accumulation models.

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  • Detection of Metastases in Lymph Nodes

    This project aims to use quantitative-ultrasound (QUS) methods for detecting metastases in lymph nodes in a broad range of…

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  • Aerothermal Flow Characterization

    High speed, unsteady aerothermal flow characterization rig.

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  • Gyrocompassing in GPS Denied Environments

    High accuracy Gyroscope-based Microsystems allow for navigation in GPS denied environments.

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  • CORE3D

    Automatically generate accurate 3D object models with real physical properties from multiple data sources.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enabling the smart Industrial Internet by connecting minds and industrial machines to enable intelligent and user-friendly products

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  • Biology & Applied Physics

    Creating and building tools and imaging solutions to shape the future of healthcare, biomanufacturing, biotechnology and adjacent industries

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  • Controls & Optimization

    Leveraging controls, estimation, optimization, operations research, and risk management to increase customer outcomes

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  • Digital Technologies

    Delivering business value with foundational systems and applications that make up the ecosystem to digitally manage critical business data and operations

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  • Edge Computing

    Pushing data collection, analytics and compute capability to the Edge to manage industrial machines more dynamically with security and safety

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  • Electric Power

    Pushing the boundaries of electrical technology while accelerating the electrification of products around the world

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  • Electronics & Sensing

    Developing breakthrough electronics and sensing solutions with a focus on extreme integration across technologies, form factors and harsh environments

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  • Materials

    Delivering advanced, disruptive material solutions to drive performance, cost and durability across diverse product lines

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  • Mechanics & Design

    Pushing the boundaries of mechanical technology to improve durability, affordability, efficiency, and power density of industrial products and services

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  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems

    Envisioning a world where service robots work with and for us, shoulder-to-shoulder and over long distances, to address dull, dirty and dangerous work

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  • Software & Analytics

    Harnessing the power of computing, data and analytics to enable optimization of industrial assets

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  • Thermosciences

    Inventing breakthrough aerodynamic, thermal management and combustion solutions for improved performance, reliability, cost, and environmental impact

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GE Research is home to many of the world’s brightest, most inquisitive minds in science and technology.

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